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Re: Removing unwanted files at installation time

Previously John Foster wrote:
> I was referencing the kernel package. It seems to have a lot of stuff I do
> not require for my i386 CPU but when I have removed/deleted some of these
> from the tree in the past, it screwed up my dpkg dependencies.

The kernel source package only contains a tar archive of the kernel
source now. If you safely unpack it and then remove parts of the
unpacked source, dpkg won't care if you do that. This just happens to
be the way in which the kernel source is distributed, and every now and
then someone seems to come up with the idea to split the source in bits
(see the linux-kernel archives) but a consensus is reached that perhaps
that is not such a good idea after all.

> This resulted in being unable to use dpkg to remove what it assumed
> were half installed programs.

Older kernel-source packages contained the unpacked source. If you
remove parts of that dpkg would give a warning for each file that
was in its database but that you removed. Those are just warnings

> This is exactly the feature that I am seeking.

It's not though, you just think at the moment it is :). I do want to add
this to dpkg at some point, but at the moment there are just a bunch of
things higher on the TODO-list.

However please realize that this won't help you to exclude files from
other languages completely, but only those which happen to live in a
clearly defined place in the filesystem hierarchy.


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