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Re: Removing unwanted files at installation time

On Sun, Jan 23, 2000 at 12:53:40PM -0800, Seth R Arnold wrote:

> If I am not mistaken, if you don't install locales, you don't get the extra
> languages, but .. I could be very wrong. However, I don't think that
> translations lead to huge packages -- my /usr/share/locale directory
> contains some 14.6 megs.

There's plenty of stuff outside /usr/share/locale (under /usr/share/man, 
for example).

> > 3. Be able to convert all of the files that are related to copyright,
> > GPL, changes, and possibly others that are mostly duplicated in each
> > applcation, to symlinks to cover dependencies, and set them up as a
> > single document, that gives credit where it should but eliminates the
> > MANY duplicated text files in a typical installation.

> This I admit would be sort of slick -- perhaps there should be a
> "copyrights" directory off of /usr/share/doc/ that contains the entries
> "GNU" "Artistic" "BSD" "XFree86" "Mozilla" and packages could symlink their
> copyright to one of those entries, if it matches exactly. On my computer,
> the largest copyright doc I have is 16539 bytes. I have 409 of them under
> /usr/share/doc/*/copyright, so if we are fairly pessimistic, that is upwards
> to 6.7 megs. (There seem to be more many more small ones than large ones,

Packages should *already* be pointing to /usr/share/common-licenses -
that's why there are so many small copyright files.  The copyright file
for a package under a standard license should say who wrote the program
(ie, the copyright holders), where it came from and so on but should
only refer to the shared copy of the license rather than reproducing it.

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