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Re: Removing unwanted files at installation time

At 12:53 23/01/00 -0800, Seth R Arnold wrote:
>I like the idea of making things smaller, but at what cost?
>		.....SNIP.....SNIP.....
>This I admit would be sort of slick -- perhaps there should be a
>"copyrights" directory off of /usr/share/doc/ that contains the entries
>"GNU" "Artistic" "BSD" "XFree86" "Mozilla" and packages could symlink their
>copyright to one of those entries, if it matches exactly.
>		......SNIP.....
Warning Will Robertson Warning Warning RMS Alert
<grins frantic grins>
Seriously though
This is not a path to be even sniffed at, let alone gone down in private,
never mind public like this. Those pesky space consuming bitsa legalese are
the only thing that stand between us *free* users and, well, unfreedom ;-)
They need to be with the software/code they came with. A lot of time and
trouble has been taken to come up with and keep viable this protection
against megacorpdom et al.

just my $NZ0.02
"-- we would probably have a large discussion " you bet....
PS: I realise that you weren't advocating anything like, and were only
responding to a posted query. This isn't meant to sound like a threat from
the sherrif but a humourous heads up re the potential explosion.
There, all qualified. Wheeew.

For any problem there is a solution that is simple, quick, and
ultimately worse than the problem. Anon.

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