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Re: Who's working on centralized management?

On 21 Apr 1999, Brederlow wrote:

> Thats something to fix then. But why allow users to mount something? I 
> haven't used coda yet, but neigther client nor server should be
> manipulatable by normal users, unless wanted.

Well, users should be able to mount anything they desire and have access
to (which is the net, and probably some other devices if the nodes permit
it) to any mountpoint they own. It makes working easier for the users and
does not hurt, because users do not usually own mountpoints outside of
their homes.

> Are you sure? Isn't all you need to mount a coda server compiled into
> the server? There are tools and server stuff in usr, but you wouldn't
> need those to mount /usr.

One should always be able to mount any device, using only files on /.


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