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Re: Who's working on centralized management?

On 21 Apr 1999, Brederlow wrote:

> Sergey V Kovalyov <sqk0316@SCIRES.ACF.NYU.EDU> writes:
> > Well, coda is extremely cool theoretically, but the problem is - it is too
> > far from being ready for production. E.g. ordinary users can easily crash
> > coda client by attempting to mount already mounted volume.
> Thats something to fix then. But why allow users to mount something? I 
> haven't used coda yet, but neigther client nor server should be
> manipulatable by normal users, unless wanted.

True, but as far as I remember, the utilities that do this mounting also
have a lot of other functionality ordinary users can't live without (e.g.
changing permissions of your files, which by the way do not reflect in any
way ordinary unix permissions). What I'm saying is there is much more mess
to it so far. You can ask the current coda maintainer about the state of

> > Another thing: in order to mount /usr via coda, it requires heavy
> > modifications, since coda itself is in /usr, and this path is hard-wired
> > into the code AFAIK.
> Are you sure? Isn't all you need to mount a coda server compiled into
> the server? There are tools and server stuff in usr, but you wouldn't
> need those to mount /usr.

Again, as far as I remember, original developers put _everything_
including cache into /usr, and scattered references to it al over the
code. What the current maintainer of coda packages has done to fix this
was to create symlinks to appropriate places.


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