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Re: collect debian-admintools

> > I tried dpkg -i to install dconfig.  Got error (unable to acces archive).  I then tried to download the files w/Lynx.  Got error (not authorized).
> > 
> oh sorry.
> a 'chmod a+r dc*' has fix the problem.
> Thanks.
> Grisu
> -- 

OK, I installed dconfig.  This_is_a_good_concept.  I'm speaking from the perspective of a new user (4 months). The most difficult part of Debian, for me, was not the installation.  It wasn't even the actual configuration. It was determining what needed configuration.  Once that was clear, RTFM usually worked.

A single place to find all the configurations would be a boon to new users (I can't speak for experienced users or network administrators.).

While I'm on the subject of newbies, has anyone considered adding a "New User" option to the pre-packaged installations?  Something along the lines of "Basic" with a bit more functionality and some hand-holding (like dconfig).  The first time I installed Debian, I thought "Standard" looked like a good start.  I was then confronted with packages like Emacs and TeTex.  And while I now realize why they are considered standard, to someone with no UNIX/Linux experience they were quite a shock.

Oh well.  I'm now using Elvis and Mutt, and beginning to come to grips with PGP (I've purposely weaned myself from X).  So I guess I shouldn't critisize too loudly.  I have to use Windoze at work and school (sigh...).


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