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Re: Who's working on centralized management?

Sergey V Kovalyov <sqk0316@SCIRES.ACF.NYU.EDU> writes:

> Well, coda is extremely cool theoretically, but the problem is - it is too
> far from being ready for production. E.g. ordinary users can easily crash
> coda client by attempting to mount already mounted volume.

Thats something to fix then. But why allow users to mount something? I 
haven't used coda yet, but neigther client nor server should be
manipulatable by normal users, unless wanted.

> Another thing: in order to mount /usr via coda, it requires heavy
> modifications, since coda itself is in /usr, and this path is hard-wired
> into the code AFAIK.

Are you sure? Isn't all you need to mount a coda server compiled into
the server? There are tools and server stuff in usr, but you wouldn't
need those to mount /usr.

May the Source be with you.

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