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Re: a note or two about configuration management r6

> This belongs on debian-admintool; I've set the reply-to.

oops. sorry.

> Maybe a list of something, just a list isn't going to cut it.

that's what i meant (see the example). if you have strong typing you need it
everywhere, of course. but i think you should be able to have a list of a
certain template (rather than just basic types); maybe template could always
be substited for type. (or maybe not).

> But can you use it using shell scripts? It's easy to write a wrapper that
> allows you to also use sockets..

hm... good point. actually it's just as easy to write a wrapper that
translates stdin/stdout to sockets or the other way around, so it doesn't
matter which of the two we choose. probably stdin is easier to code too, so
i withdraw that suggestion.

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