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Re: [RFH] Polyorb packaging

Xavier Grave writes:
> Modifying the python part to get error on test failure seems to involve
> modifying gnatpython MainLoop also since the main loop catch an exit
> exception. So it's not, IMHO, a straightforward action.
> PolyORB can't be provided without CORBA since the COS [1] needs CORBA
> and the DSA needs the Cos Naming Services
> So either we go with still a few tests failure (removed or not from the
> testsuite), either we drop polyorb support (and narval with the bath water).

Does the COS naming service require that all CORBA tests pass? That would
surprise me.  So, assuming that the failing tests do not affect the naming
service, it seems the best strategy is:

1 upload with CORBA known to be broken but the COS Naming Service and DSA
  working.  This can be achieved by either disabling the failing CORBA
  tests or by allowing them to fail in a way that does not prevent the
  package from building.

2 upload narval

3 if time permits, fix the CORBA tests.

If step 1 requires changing python-gnatpython, and if that change is too
difficult or time consuming for you, consider disabling the failing tests

Ludovic Brenta.

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