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Re: Proposition to package gnatgpr and adadesigner for Debian

David SAUVAGE - AdaLabs Ltd writes:
>> "Conflicts"?  Are you trying to suggest that libgnatvsn and libgnatprj
>> are somehow incompatible and cannot be both used at the same time?
> No I am talking about a internal data defined at library level see
> Hash_Table in namet.adb for example.
> Those internal data are used when loading a gpr file and when
> processing ASIS. and behaviour is erroneous if you do both at the same
> time ...

Ah, OK, I didn't know about that.  Thanks for the info.

I think the best way to cope is to split your application into two
executables, one that processes the .gpr files and the other that
processes the ASIS tree files one by one.  The first executable should,
of course, be responsible for spawning as many processes running the
second executable as necessary.

Kind of like the split between gnatmake and gcc.

Ludovic Brenta.

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