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Re: Proposition to package gnatgpr and adadesigner for Debian

David SAUVAGE - AdaLabs Ltd <david.sauvage@adalabs.com> writes:
>> - do not include a copy of the GNAT sources in your repository; this is
>>   a recipe for endless trouble copying & merging from upstream sources.
>>   Instead, use libgnatvsn and libgnatprj.
> This is a major issue, as libgnatvsn & libgnatprj are patched because of
> 2 issues :
> 1. It gets his own Namet and so on (needed because would be erroneus
> while using ASIS at the same time).

Precisely, libgnatvsn exists to guarantee the compatibility of the GNAT
front-end and tree files with ASIS; both GNAT and ASIS share the same
libgnatvsn shared (!) library.  By using libgntvsn, gnatgpr would also
guarantees compatiility with GNAT and ASIS.

> 2. It can extracts some especially craft comments in the gpr project
> file.

This doesn't look like a big change but, at this point, I am unwilling
to change any of the sources of libgnatprj because that would change its
aliversion.  Remember that the freeze is in June.  So, try to see if you
can extract these comments outside of libgnatprj.

I'll consider applying your patches to libgnatprj4.7-dev when we get to

Ludovic Brenta.

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