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Re: Debian Accessibility

Jeffery Mewtamer, le jeu. 30 déc. 2021 20:50:07 +0000, a ecrit:
> I read comments like "Press s and enter",

That's all you'd need to know.

> all I'm hearing is that Blind people need to know something about the
> install media sighted people can be comfortably ignorant of.
> it arguably inconveniences the vast majority of people doing
> installations of Debian,

There is no way around this for speech synthesis. I don't think
we can enable speech synthesis by default in the standard
media like you propose. Maybe I'm wrong, try to discuss with
debian-boot@lists.debian.org about it, but the boot menu beep was
already not trivial to get accepted.

Having to know the shortcut is something, yes, but I believe
that's very little compared to the possibility of having it available in
*all* standard Debian images.

Also, documentation is there for knowing about such things. Remember
that there is the debian accessibility wiki


> I understand recent installers for both OSX and Windows start talking
> automatically if there is a delay when they expect initial input from
> the user.

We *could* propose that to debian-boot indeed, showing that OSX and
Windows do that by default. How long is this delay?

I'd really love if it for once it'd not be me starting the discussion
with debian-boot. Such kind of disussion work shouldn't rely on just one

> Also, assuming the talking installer has remained mostly unchanged
> since the last time I messed around with vanilla Debian, I'm not a fan
> of the "either memorize your choices before hand or listen to
> potentially very long lists of options and type in the corresponding
> number" approach, especially compared to the (n)curses(-like) arrow up
> and down menus of the text-based,

News from the installer side: as soon as libreadline enables support for
the installer, the talking installer will be able to benefit from it.
Meaning that you'll precisely be able to choose with arrows, very much
like a menu.


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