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Re: method for booting the talking network installation with non-free firmware from the hard drive using grub

Nick Gawronski, le lun. 30 août 2021 16:27:29 -0500, a ecrit:
> The issue is that all of my network cards require non-free firmware
> to load is there a version of the GTK network boot files that contain
> this firmware?

Ah, no, the firmwares are not inside the initrd.
But you can cat the initrd.gz and the firmware.cpio.gz file from
to produce one file that you give to the initrd command of grub, that
should be doing it.

> With grub in the default configuration can you type in a label to
> launch it

Grub's menuentry command has a --hotkey parameter, yes:

menuentry --hotkey=i 'Install' {


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