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Re: method for booting the talking network installation with non-free firmware from the hard drive using grub

Nick Gawronski, le lun. 30 août 2021 07:22:01 -0500, a ecrit:
> What would I need to do after I made a copy of the initial ramdisk image
> gzip file and the kernel to /boot to run the talking version of the
> debian-installer

Simply a grub entry that runs

linux /the/kernel speakup.synth=soft
initrd /the/initrd.gz

> I don't have another partition to use to dd the iso file to?

As I mentioned, telling the installer where the iso image is, if not in
a partition, will be complex.

You'll thus probably rather want to use the netboot files:


whose initrd will just download all the rest from the Internet.

>   Reading the debian installation manuals there are no directions on
> internally running portions of the installer like what I am trying to do

Indeed, we cannot document everything, and in particular tinkering with
the internals of the installer. The installation manual is already
long enough that a lot of people seem not to tend to have a look at it


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