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Re: firmware-11.0.0-amd64-netinst.iso Install

What happens if desktop isn't installed but mate is installed?  Does mate
come up as the default once that's done?
I haven't tried that yet but could check it out.

On Sun, 22 Aug 2021, Cindy Sue Causey wrote:

> On 8/21/21, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. <n1ea@arrl.net> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I've had a while to try to get debian 11.0.0 installed and I wanted to
> > give a status report.
> >
> > First the most important part, I found a work around.
> >
> > If you select "MATE" instead of "Default" in the upper right corner,
> > you can log in with your username.
> < snipped >
> > Everything works well until booting into the system, the system goes
> > into an infinite loop when putting the user password in.
> >
> > Here's the work around, select "Mate" instead of "Default" in the
> > upper right of the log in screen, and it will work.
> I've been in that login loop myself a few times. In my case, it seems
> like it's always something about permissions. It seems like I've been
> able to fix it by logging in as root then deleting my user's
> .Xauthority file (one of those "dot" files under our users' home
> directories). In my case, it gets corrupted or something.
> In your case, I don't know if that would help or not. That's odd that
> selecting the Mate option instead of Default fixes it for you,
> especially if Mate *is* your default. If removing/renaming .Xauthority
> did work, maybe Default is corrupting that file for some reason.
> Which leads me to say that I do rename that .Xauthority file instead
> of deleting it. My usual go-to favorite is to attach the date that it
> was having problems.
> As an aside of how I ever came to poke at .Xauthority: When I first
> had problems with it, I would sort the user's home directory by date
> with newest on top.
> That .Xauthority file would show up early on top. I also knew that the
> .Xauthority file was created on the fly the first time I would log in
> to a new debootstrap'ed copy of Debian because my new users only had
> three dot files and that was not one of them.
> That made it feel safe to push the old .Xauthority out of the way to
> let the system create another new file on the fly. And it did just
> happen to work a few times before I stopped breaking that part of my
> setups for some reason.
> Here's a second aside. The last time I had problems, I renamed it with
> an apparent associated error that's not ringing a bell now. I attached
> "ipv4stdinError" (ipv4 stdin error) to that file instead of the date.
> Leaving that here in case it makes sense as a login error causative to
> Samuel or others.
> Cindy :)

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