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firmware-11.0.0-amd64-netinst.iso Install


I've had a while to try to get debian 11.0.0 installed and I wanted to
give a status report.

First the most important part, I found a work around.

If you select "MATE" instead of "Default" in the upper right corner,
you can log in with your username.

I compared the current 'AMD Netinst iso with the last 10.10.0 installer.
This is the last Buster installer.

In 10.10.0 everything works fine, sound card is selected correctly,
all menus are read correctly, the only thing that doesn't work is
Shift Pg-Up and Shift Pg-Down screen review so the first half of the
installer screen can't be seen in both 10.10.0 and in 11.0.0.

In software package selection "print server" is one of the options in
Buster, but it is not an option inn Bullseye.

Everything works well until booting into the system, the system goes
into an infinite loop when putting the user password in.

Here's the work around, select "Mate" instead of "Default" in the
upper right of the log in screen, and it will work.

firmware-11.0.0-amd64-netinst.iso Installer.

The installer knows I have two sound cards, but won't speak when I
select the second sound card but will boot into the installed system
In other words, the install is inaccessible and has to be done by
someone who can see the small characters on the screen.

Just like 10.10.0 screen review is broken, shift pg-up and
shift-pg-down do not work.

Boots into Mate speaking, but all other consoles are not speaking even
after boot. That is TTY 1 to TTY6 do not speak.

I installed htop and found that espeakup is running as is
speech-dispatcher, but there is speech in MATE because Orca is running
but none in console except if MATE is not running.

I haven't tried to install another desktop environment to see if the
problem is related to mate or is just something different.

Best wishes,

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