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Re: firmware-11.0.0-amd64-netinst.iso Install

You may need to run spd-conf as user and make sure espeak or espeak-ng is
pointed at correct sound resources in order for that to work.
Alternatively, fenrir may solve the speech problem for tty1-tty6.

On Sat, 21 Aug 2021, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:

> Hello,
> I've had a while to try to get debian 11.0.0 installed and I wanted to
> give a status report.
> First the most important part, I found a work around.
> If you select "MATE" instead of "Default" in the upper right corner,
> you can log in with your username.
> I compared the current 'AMD Netinst iso with the last 10.10.0 installer.
> This is the last Buster installer.
> In 10.10.0 everything works fine, sound card is selected correctly,
> all menus are read correctly, the only thing that doesn't work is
> Shift Pg-Up and Shift Pg-Down screen review so the first half of the
> installer screen can't be seen in both 10.10.0 and in 11.0.0.
> In software package selection "print server" is one of the options in
> Buster, but it is not an option inn Bullseye.
> Everything works well until booting into the system, the system goes
> into an infinite loop when putting the user password in.
> Here's the work around, select "Mate" instead of "Default" in the
> upper right of the log in screen, and it will work.
> firmware-11.0.0-amd64-netinst.iso Installer.
> The installer knows I have two sound cards, but won't speak when I
> select the second sound card but will boot into the installed system
> speaking.
> In other words, the install is inaccessible and has to be done by
> someone who can see the small characters on the screen.
> Just like 10.10.0 screen review is broken, shift pg-up and
> shift-pg-down do not work.
> Boots into Mate speaking, but all other consoles are not speaking even
> after boot. That is TTY 1 to TTY6 do not speak.
> I installed htop and found that espeakup is running as is
> speech-dispatcher, but there is speech in MATE because Orca is running
> but none in console except if MATE is not running.
> I haven't tried to install another desktop environment to see if the
> problem is related to mate or is just something different.
> Best wishes,
> David

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