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Re: Debian 11 unofficial firmware first installation

Jeffery Mewtamer <mewtamer@gmail.com> wrote:
> And considering how many "everything but the kitchen sink" distros
> there are out there, I'll take Debian defaulting to a base system and
> then installing the extra software I want via aptitude over a distro
> that bundles many gigabytes of stuff I don't use and then have to
> uninstall if I want to keep the time to create/restore system backups
> reasonable.

There's much to be said in favour of starting small, as you suggest, and
then installing exactly the packages you want.

Linux has provided non-visually accessible installation procedures for
longer than any of the proprietary systems, as well as screen readers
(and other accessibility tools) as part of the operating system
distribution. That's an achivement which isn't sufficiently recognized.
Debian is a major part of that story.

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