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Re: Debian 11 unofficial firmware first installation

In all fairness, unless Windows has vastly improved, a standard retail
copy of Windows is lacking in all but the most basic of hardware
drivers and doesn't even have an equivalent to the non-free firmware
version of Debian, forcing anyone in need of doing a clean install who
doesn't have an OEM edition compatible with their system to manually
download and install drivers from the website of each hardware vendor.
Every install I've ever done of a Linux distro, be it Debian or
otherwise provided better hardware support than every non-OEM install
I've ever done of Windows, and honestly, the non-free firmware images
seem to be unofficial only in so far as Debian only claims the free
image... heck, I'm almost willing to bet real money the two versions
are compiled and uploaded by the same people

And considering how many "everything but the kitchen sink" distros
there are out there, I'll take Debian defaulting to a base system and
then installing the extra software I want via aptitude over a distro
that bundles many gigabytes of stuff I don't use and then have to
uninstall if I want to keep the time to create/restore system backups

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