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Re: Problems when using brltty in the terminal


Adding brltty@brltty.app since it's really not just a Debian issue.

Christian Schoepplein, le sam. 08 mai 2021 16:20:35 +0200, a ecrit:
> 2. Enabled speech-dispatcher support in /etc/brltty.conf.
> 3. Edited the file  /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90xbrlapi and removed the "-s no" parameter for the startcommand of brltty.
> But it seems, and that is totaly not understandable for me, that the brltty also is able to read things in ghe graphical environment.

Previously, the atspi2 screen driver would indeed rather refrain from
always returning content for all widgets, and rather only for e.g.

But now that we have added priorities to braille output, we were able to
let atspi2 always return content. But that was without considering that
people would also use speech in that setup, and the problem really is
that there is no way for brltty to tell speechd that messages shouldn't
be actually spoken if there is another, better screen reader.

The simplest would be to just add an option to make the atspi2 screen
driver no always return content. Another, more complex way would be to
add an option to make brltty's speech only emit messages when the screen
driver reports having good quality. Another, yet more complex way would
be to add to speech dispatcher a notion of overriding priority.


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