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Problems when using brltty in the terminal


I have a fresh Bullseye installation and Orca and brltty are working fine in the Mate environment.

To have also a working environment which is good to use in the textbased  world I've installed brltty-x11. The idea was to start another brltty in the Mate terminal. which runs seperated from Orca.

For the setup I

1. Installed brltty-x11 and brltty-speechd.
2. Enabled speech-dispatcher support in /etc/brltty.conf.
3. Edited the file  /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90xbrlapi and removed the "-s no" parameter for the startcommand of brltty.
4. Disabled speech and braille support in the Orca profile for the Mate terminal.

When I now open a new Mate terminal a new instance of brltty ist started  with speech support...., so far so good.

But it seems, and that is totaly not understandable for me, that the brltty also is able to read things in ghe graphical environment. Wehn I open the application menu for example with Alt + F1 the entries are also outputed by the speech system, when no Orca and also only the brltty in the terminal with speech support is running.

It sems that when brltty is used with the "-x a2" parameter, which I have to use in the Mate terminal, something is also send or read by the atspy2 layer which should be IMHO not the case.

Does someone have one idea how I can prevent this behaviour? Is this a known issue or a bug with brltty, atspy or whatever?

I hope I was able to explain my problem in a understanddable way. the goal is to have speech support for brltty in the Mate terminal totaly seperated to the speech support from Orca. this seems to work basicaly, but I do not understand why elements of the Mate environment are read also by the brltty instance which is running in the terminal...

Any hint would be helpfull. If more infos are neede, please let me also know.

Cheers and thanks,


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