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Re: Problems when using brltty in the terminal

Hi Sebastian,

On Sat, May 08, 2021 at 04:50:56PM +0200, Sebastian Humenda wrote:
>BRLTTY uses `-x a2`, i.e. it uses the at-spi2 screen driver. This is the way
>for BRLTTY to capture the output of the MATE terminal.
>BRLTTY supports these days a few more controls which is why it shows something
>on the display, even if Orca is turned off.

OK, thats the reason why content in graphical applications is spoken even when Orca is turned off and brltty is running with speech support enabled in the Mate terminal.

>Why is this a problem? Ora has in non-terminal windows a priority and will outrule BRLTTY on the at-spi bus.

The problem is that content is spoken twice if Orca and brltty with speech support is running athe same time. E.g. if I open the application menu the entry for Internet is anounced with "Application Internet Graphic Internet". the same for all other content. This is anoying and makes the system unuseable till the instance of brltty in the terminal is turned off. I can record the speech output to demonstrate the problem better if you like.

Seems like the priorization of Orca and brltty is not working  in my case. 

On the other hand I know people with an Ubuntu system and an older version of brltty who have this setup up and running perfectly.

So maybe something is wrong with my setup or with the packages and versions in Bullseye.

@Sebastian: Have you a working configuration with the packages from the Bullseye installer where speech support is working at the same time for Orca and for a brltty instance in the Mate terminal without getting content spoken twice?



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