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Re: Bug report: Buster: Debian Installer doesn't speak

On Sun, 7 Apr 2019, Geoff Shang wrote:

ah. My bad. So I have not ruled out a muted soundcard. I wil have to look at that.

I did. It turns out that ALSA says it was indeed muted, but unmuting it didn't help.

I wasn't able to find documentation on my Jessie system for what the -d switches do in the commands given in the Accessibility Wiki, but it did seem to change what was displayed to me.

I spent a considerable time figuring out how to unmute the master volume and rase it to a reasonable value, but this made no difference.

I eventually gave up and loaded up the Stretch installer, which spoke first go.

I am happy to load up the Buster installer again and run the requested commands, however I'm not sure of a command to get the output from the system (with only the installer loaded) onto a box with email.

Of course, now that the system's disks have file systems on them, this might be a bit easier.

Oh and the soundcard detected in both installers appears to be the same.


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