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Re: Bug report: Buster: Debian Installer doesn't speak


Geoff Shang, le dim. 07 avril 2019 22:56:52 +0100, a ecrit:
> The language list came up, with no speech.

I have just tried the daily build, it worked fine here.

Could you have a look at the debugging information that we'd need to
have to get an idea of what is going wrong on your system?


> find / -name espeak -print
> but nothing was found.

The d-i image uses espeakup, which uses libespeak-ng directly, not
espeak or espeak-ng.

> For what it's worth, the package pool in the image only has espeak-data and
> espeak-ng-data packages, no binaries.

The package pool is only for the installed system, not the installer

> I guess I will install with Braille only and configure speech once I get
> enough of a system that I can install espeak.  I'm just wondering if I have
> missed something,

It is supposed to "just work", but as usual issues vary depending on
hardware and we can't test all hardware combinations in the world so we
will have missed some.

> Also, maybe it is available in a larger image.

Larger images use the same installer initrd, so it will be the same.


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