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Re: index braille embosser

On 08/04/19 16:59, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Keith Barrett, le lun. 08 avril 2019 16:31:22 +0100, a ecrit:
I am attaching the full output of the command and the temp file that
resulted from it.  I have not sent it to the list as it is long

Being long is not a problem :)

and contains the file which I was brailling.

That is however more sensitive indeed, you can however drop that part
when posting to the list.

It gave me an access denied if I attempted it as a user so I had to become
root before it worked, I am not sure if that is significant.

That might be.

One thing, the paper size did not seem to correspond with what I have set in
cups, unless it is just displayed differently.

That's more concerning is that there isn't the error message you
mentioned previously.

DEBUG: Attribute DefaultPageSize is '110x120'
DEBUG: Default PageSize is '110x120'

That page size is indeed supported.
Well, I take it you must be talking about using the custom option to get that page size because my options in cups are: US legal, US letter, A3, a4, a4 tractor feed, a5, 11 x 11.5 11 x 12, 11 x 17, 11.5 x 11, 12 x 12, custom.

  What had you set instead?  Are you
properly providing the .ppd file of the printer you are normally using
Yes, I believe I am providing the correct ppd file, right, so in cups the media size is set at 11 X 12.

for embossing?


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