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Re: index braille embosser

Keith Barrett, le lun. 08 avril 2019 16:31:22 +0100, a ecrit:
> I am attaching the full output of the command and the temp file that
> resulted from it.  I have not sent it to the list as it is long

Being long is not a problem :)

> and contains the file which I was brailling.

That is however more sensitive indeed, you can however drop that part
when posting to the list.

> It gave me an access denied if I attempted it as a user so I had to become
> root before it worked, I am not sure if that is significant.

That might be.

> One thing, the paper size did not seem to correspond with what I have set in
> cups, unless it is just displayed differently.

That's more concerning is that there isn't the error message you
mentioned previously.

> DEBUG: Attribute DefaultPageSize is '110x120'
> DEBUG: Default PageSize is '110x120'

That page size is indeed supported.  What had you set instead?  Are you
properly providing the .ppd file of the printer you are normally using
for embossing?


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