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Re: index braille embosser

On 07/04/19 22:56, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Keith Barrett, le dim. 07 avril 2019 22:02:53 +0100, a ecrit:
On 07/04/19 20:44, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Keith Barrett, le dim. 07 avril 2019 13:10:07 +0100, a ecrit:
On 06/04/2019 23:50, Samuel Thibault wrote:
All I can find in the cupps log is lots of the following:-

Unrecognized control character in .brf file.

How do you feed input to cups exactly?
So far, I have used "Control p" and selected the index printer from within
plumer text editor, should I be doing something different?

The problem with printing from applications is that for now applications
send a pdf to cups, which then can only use pdftotext to produce a text
document for the embosser, with the obvious issues. I still have to
convince cups people that applications should be given the choice of
just sending their document. In the meanwhile, you can just directly
submit your document from the command line:

lp foo.txt
OK, thank you for this.  Now I have a top margin as expected but the line
lengths seem to be wrong.

It appears that there is an equal margin on each side of the page but every
second line is cut short with only one or two words contained on it.

I wonder if I need to change the paper size in cups?

It looks like the paper size is too large and the embosser has to put
the overflowed text on its own line indeed.

Can you tell me if the braille file is stored anywhere to see if the line
breaks corresponjd with the braille output?

You can use

/usr/sbin/cupsfilter -P /etc/cups/ppd/your-printer.ppd -m application/vnd.cups-brf yourfile.txt > /tmp/test.brf
OK, looks like something is not right here:-
error: unknown page size
stopped with status 1

Also, as a point of interest, can I send anything other than text files
using the lp command?

See /usr/share/doc/cups-filters/README.gz:

lp file.html
lp file.odt
lp file.doc
lp file.rtf
lp file.docx
lp file.pdf


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