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Re: how to enable accessibility for Firefox in Debian ARM64

I will discuss with my ISP how to get reliably my IP address so if somebody would have A good will to debug this issue remotely, with Me, somebody can connect to my Debian session on Android by using ssh. Sure it would be require if you would generate public key and I will add it tomy Debian session.

I have even Audacity running and my sighted mother have confirmed Me, that Xserver XSDL is even able to draw The GUi table inside Audacity preferences. Audacity do not display too much crashes related to memory allocations, only some bugs related to key accelerators, some values inside Audacity.xml files are very probably incompatible with XKBT implementation inside Xserver XSDL for Android.
But Short cut to display preferences menu works.

I have one non advanced question.
I need to create regular user, not root user on my Debian session. Since VLC media player and many other apps simply do not allow Me to run as root user.
Which command do I have to use?
And The professionally made script to install Debian on Termux is here. May be, that somebody of us will analyse it to determine, if there is something to repair or add to include full AT-SPI support for Firefox.


Script uses debootstrap and according to various messages while install packages, this system is configured by using The best possible techniques. Since when Debconf do its best to configure The tridgers for Libcbin, there is nobug connection refused above this line.
There is also no issues related to errors connection to D-BUS sockets.
I believe, that somebody of us will look at this with Me, since it bring Debian universal operating system to its next higher level. It do not require Kernel related complex programmers tasks, it require deep knowledge of Debian packaging system and D_BUS, sockets communication. In some cases, some C or C++ specific aps do not work on Android, because Android Kernel do not support shared memory allocations, shared memory file creation. Fortunately, it is not problem, because I do not have to run whole Gnome-session or Mate. Gnome-keyring daemon report insufficient process capabilities. While running Mate.

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