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Re: how to enable accessibility for Firefox in Debian ARM64

I Am sad. Because Firefox still do not want to cooperate with Orca. I have exported all variables according to yours suggestions.
But no results.
So I have other question.
XserverXSDL a implementation of Xserver for Android do not contain
Xinerama extension. Is this Xserver specific extension Xinerama extensioncrucial for some of included AT-SPi accessibility modules?
And I have other question.
Does somebody of us know about GTk compatible window manager, which can be configured with no need to change source code of it to disable 3D graphics support? Since Xserver XSDL do not support those instructions and I do not like to recompile Android Kernel to include special drivers for this purposes. And I do not know about otherXserver Android app. Second, which is available on The Play store do not contain XKBT extension and this extension is really crucial for Orca to detect keyboard related events.
But I Am afraid, that there will not be such GTK compatible Window manager.
I also must disable picture loading in Firefox, because I AM getting crytical errors related to graphics and this is making Firefox slow.

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