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RE: gnome-orca version policy?


I have another distro with orc master branch and I find it to be pretty
stable.  How this would work for Debian but I think that trying to keep it
updated as much as possible would be a good idea.


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Subject: Re: gnome-orca version policy?


MENGUAL Jean-Philippe, on dim. 03 sept. 2017 01:37:09 +0200, wrote:
> Either we focus on GNOME releases, so we will release Orca 3.24 
> (done), 3.26, etc. To be sure to stay relevant with the GNOME and GTK
> Or, solution I prefer, we let Orca with its own policy, given the 
> importance of fixes in Orca and given it is used on other DE than GNOME.

Agreed, AIUI, Orca is not so tied to gnome releases: newer Orca should be
working fine with older Gnome.  It's then more a question whether Orca
non-even releases are usually less stable than even releases.  Do people
have an opinion on this?  We can also upload non-even versions to
experimental and keep even versions in unstable.


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