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Re: gnome-orca version policy?

Le 03/09/2017 à 20:12, Samuel Thibault a écrit :

Hello Samuel

MENGUAL Jean-Philippe, on dim. 03 sept. 2017 01:37:09 +0200, wrote:
Either we focus on GNOME releases, so we will release Orca 3.24 (done),
3.26, etc. To be sure to stay relevant with the GNOME and GTK stack.

Or, solution I prefer, we let Orca with its own policy, given the
importance of fixes in Orca and given it is used on other DE than GNOME.

Agreed, AIUI, Orca is not so tied to gnome releases: newer Orca should
be working fine with older Gnome.  It's then more a question whether
Orca non-even releases are usually less stable than even releases.  Do
people have an opinion on this?

Orca doesn't really provide alpha or beta versions. Each tagged versions are targeted to be the next stable release. Tagged versions are just snapshots of the git master branch.

We can also upload non-even versions to
experimental and keep even versions in unstable.

I agree with this proposal.

Best regards.
Visual-Impairment Project Manager
Hypra - "Humanizing technology"

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