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[HEADS-UP part 2] Please test Re: Speech overlapping with espeak-ng


Thanks to Sebastian's tests and reports (we ended up recording what was
produced with his audio setup), I could track and find what I believe
was the bug.

So, can people please test libespeak-ng1 version 1.49.0+dfsg-7 which
should be available within a few hours?  You can use the unstable
versions of espeakup (1:0.80-5) and brltty (5.4-6), do not use the
experimental versions which introduce a delay which is actually

I hope this time it'll be good enough for Stretch :)

The technical details are in
Basically, espeak used to close/reopen the audio card, which espeak-ng
didn't, and some drivers or cards or something else doesn't really flush
data if that's not done.

I have to apologize to Kirk notably, it seems that depending on audio
setups there indeed was real overlapping, not only ears glitches :)


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