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Re: [HEADS-UP] Please test Re: Speech overlapping with espeak-ng

Hi Øyvind

Øyvind Lode schrieb am 23.01.2017, 14:12 +0100:
>I've upgraded both brltty and espeakup (remotely via ssh since I'm at work now).
>I'll help you out test later today.
Please also upgrade brltty-espeak.

>What exactly should I test?
-   Do you realize some kind of overlap when typing quickly?
-   When navigating to a longer line, press Ctrl, do you recognize a delay
    before the speech stops?
    -   You have to have a keyboard table configured for this, put
        `keyboard-table laptop` into `/etc/brltty/brltty.conf` for this.
-   When scrolling to a lot of text, say an inbox of Mutt, do you have the
    feeling that speech overlaps?
-   There is a parameter which introduces a certain cancelling pause, put that
    into your /etc/brltty.conf:
    `speech-parameters es:cancel_pause=150`

    150 is the default value, please try different values (lower means less
    pause), to figure out whether everything sounds as expected.

For me, a value of e.g. 10 works really fine when typing, but when scrolling
through many lines of text, it still sounds weird, as if it would overlap. As
Samuel already pointed out on IRC and here, it might be not an actual overlap,
but one the ear percepts.

At the moment, I feel as if a really small cancel pause would be the option I
could live best with.

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