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Re: process for getting festival working with speech-dispatcher and speechd-up

Hi, Another update on my getting everything working like it should. I reinstalled Jessie to just start things over and followed the process on the accessibility pages to disable pulse audio but now espeakup starts just fine but not orca. I made sure all of the comments were removed from the values I wanted to change and rebooted the system but as orca started when pulse audio was running now with it disabled it does not start and just espeakup will start. Putting directions on how to turn on pulse audio once it is disabled would be a good thing to do so if problems happen we can just go back to the defaults again with a working system. If I leave pulse audio running and login to my user account on the Debian desktop I can use orca but not espeakup.Another thing that should be mentioned on the wiki pages is how to find out what version of gnome you are using or for that matter what desktop you are using as I selected the debian desktop task during the installation. Having debconf values for accessibility so users could turn on and off system wide accessibility should also be added. Being able to use and switch between both orca and espeakup or speechd-up without rebooting would be something I would have thought have already been worked out but it appears not as two different systems a physical and a virtual system produce the same results when trying to switch back and forth between the debian desktop and the console I get orca in the desktop but no speech on the console. I have speech-dispatcher set to yes to start system wide. What is the proper process to get both orca and espeakup or speechd-up working on the same system? Nick Gawronski

On 4/3/2016 5:19 PM, Nick Gawronski wrote:
Hi, Well after a fresh installation of debian on both a virtual machine on my windows 10 system and on my linux laptop I went about getting pico working on my system threw speech-dispatcher and speechd-up. I was wanting to have both working but if I set the audio output to libao I get no speech but if I set it to alsa and disable pulseaudio I get speech in the console but not in X windows. What am I doing wrong as I made sure all modules accept the pico modules and the default module set to pico-generic and have disabled espeakup from running. I also had a mess when installing speechd-up it tries to start itself so the package fails to completely install properly unless I stop espeakup unload the speakup_soft module and reload it then run dpkg --configure -a and at first espeak was working before I changed it to pico-generic. If I try to install libao I get the message that no packages exist by that name. What is the proper method for getting pico running on both the console and X windows and allowing me to use both without rebooting? This is really something that should be added to the debian-installer upon the finishing of the installation about how you want your system setup as why would someone only want speech working in one mode? Nick Gawronski

On 4/2/2016 12:09 PM, Nick Gawronski wrote:
Hi, In reading what documentation exists on the festival synthesizer it says that running a festival speech server is not very secure would using one of the other software synthesizers work better then festival with speech-dispatcher and speechd-up other then espeak? I think it might be better in the debian-installer to include speech-dispatcher and speechd-up as I found the speech is quicker and it can speak a lot more items like things then espeakup. Nick Gawronski

On 4/2/2016 1:42 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:

Nick Gawronski, on Fri 01 Apr 2016 20:40:54 -0500, wrote:
What would it take for someone to write the proper documents on how
to get either festival and pico running and how to switch between
synthesizers on a system level?
Well, time, simply?

Contributions are always welcome on the wiki.


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