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process for getting festival working with speech-dispatcher and speechd-up

Hi, As usual when I went to the debian wiki on accessibility there was not a lot of documentation on how to get speachd-up and speech-dispatcher working with other voice synthesizers like festival. After spending around an hour trying to get it working I found information in the README.DEBIAN file about the festival server being disabled and after searching threw the apt-cache with search I found the festival server package for speech-dispatcher. Again there is no //etc/default/festival file to edit so I created my own and rebooted the system. I had already uncommented all of the lines about festival and set language to en as talked about in the README file. Again still espeak was running after I made sure espeakup was purged from the system. What would it take for someone to write the proper documents on how to get either festival and pico running and how to switch between synthesizers on a system level? Using google has not brought me much luck and I think this information should be on the accessibility wiki for users like myself who wish to use other voice synthesizers such as festival and yes I did install the program before changing the configuration values. Nick Gawronski

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