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Bug#782732: Testing installeur, Braille no more operating automatically

Control: reopen -1
Control: tags -1 + pending

Mario Lang, le Thu 23 Apr 2015 09:08:31 +0200, a écrit :
> > So there's no other way than specifying brltty=ht,usb:, at boot?
> What confuses me is that according to the source code, the error
> shouldn't happen.  In Programs/config.c, we have:
>         static const char *const usbDrivers[] = {
>           "al", "bm", "eu", "fs", "hd", "hm", "ht", "hw", "mt", "pg", "pm", "sk", "vo", NULL
>         };

But we specify ce in the udev script.

> The correct solution for this problem is to stop the Cebra driver from
> attempting to auto-detect.  the Cebras are *very rare*, since the
> company selling them went bancrupt a little before it actually started
> to sell them in large volumes.  So there are a lot more HT devices out
> there.  So how is should be is the other way round: If someone has a
> Cebra, they should be forced to specify it manually.

I didn't know about that...

Unfortunately it's too late for Jessie 8.0, the debian-installer RC4 is
already uploaded.  The fix will have to wait for Jessie 8.1.

Please, debian-accessibility people, when I call for testing the Debian
Installer, do test it.  We can not fix things in a hurry at the last


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