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Re: Bug#782732: Testing installeur, Braille no more operating automatically

Seems like the auto-detection is going wrong.
Or do you really own a Cebra from NinePoint Systems?

Apr 22 14:04:10 brltty[529]: Cebra Model: 0X74, 40 cells

raphael.poitevin@gmail.com (Raphaël POITEVIN) writes:

> Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> writes:
>> Could you try to upgrade the version in the installed system to
>> 5.2~20141018-5?
> It’s already this version.
>> Ideally you'd manage to run by hand
>> brltty -d usb: -b ht -l debug -n -e
>> inside the installer, and post the resulting log.
> Here in attachement.
> I noticed if I restart brltty, the Braille display works fine! If I
> disconnect and reconnect the USB, the bug appears again.
> So the bug appears at the boot of the installer and when the brltty
> daemon is already activated and has to detect the USB display.

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