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Command-line utility to display text on the Braille terminal


As I've recently written on debian-accessibility, I'm working around an
inaccessible feature of the Compiz window manager.  The feature is
window switching: the selected window title is shown, nicely rendered in
OpenGL, but the text is not available to the accessibility bus in any
way.  In fact Compiz is not directly linked to ATK or even GTK, and
adding such huge dependencies is controversial.

For the time being I feel I'm justified in doing something quick&dirty
(you must be imagining the perverse grin of pleasure on my face).

There is a precise moment at window switch time when the title should be
presented: at that time I will call spd-say (via system) to vocalize the
title using speech-dispatcher.  That's easy.  Now, is there a
corresponding command-line utility to display a line of text on the
Braille terminal as well?  I guess such a direct solution would be
widely considered unorthodox and ugly, but I'd be surprised if nobody
ever thought of it before me.

I guess it's harder than just cat'ting a string to the Braille terminal
device file; if not, how do I find the device, querying brltty?

Thanking you in advance,

Luca Saiu
Hypra team (Accessible website in construction)

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