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Re: Bug#782732: Testing installeur, Braille no more operating automatically

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> writes:
> Does this happen in the installed system too?

It seems not. After booting the system, everything works as well !
> Which keys are these? From what I can read from bs.kti, the chosen
> binding for navigation is
> bind SpaceLeft FWINLT
> bind SpaceRight FWINRT
> bind B1+SpaceLeft LNBEG
> bind B1+SpaceRight LNEND
> bind B2+SpaceLeft TOP
> bind B2+SpaceRight BOT
> bind B3+SpaceLeft HWINLT
> bind B3+SpaceRight HWINRT
> bind B6+SpaceLeft CHRLT
> bind B6+SpaceRight CHRRT

Actually, it’s a big mess ! No keys works correctly ! The space left and
right seem to be inacvive.
> Are you talking about SpaceLeft/Right? Apparently it was definitely
> chosen to be FWINLT/RT. If that should be fixed, please discuss on the
> brltty mailing list.

After booting, everything is OK ! It’s a special bug in the installer.

Hypra S.A.S.

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