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Re: Using Orca in KDE

On 06-04-14 15:27, Odd Martin Baanrud wrote:
> Hello Paul,
> On 06 Apr 2014, at 10:10, Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> wrote:
>> - Why did you install qt-at-spi (I would assume all necessary
>> dependencies are pulled in automatically when you install orca (package
>> gnome-orca)
> I installed the qt-at-spi package, because it didn’t get installed durring the system installation, even I was using the KDE version of the installer with accessibility enabled.
>> ?
>> - Which documentation exactly are you referring to?
> Both the README file for the qt-at-spi package and the Orca-section on the Debian accessibility wiki.
>> - What happens (and thus, what doesn't work as expected)?
> I have not tried anything yet, since a few things needs to be done first, and I don’t know where to do them.
> Regards, Martin

Is this what you mean?
... and the QT_ACCESSIBILITY environment variable has to be set to 1:


If yes, you can run this in any terminal. If you want it stick
(preserved over reboot), you want to edit your .profile and add the line


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