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Re: Using Orca in KDE

On 06-04-14 01:02, Tomohiro Saito wrote:
> As for me,I want to see it using orca in KDE. Do not understand a
> method; would like.
> (2014/04/06 5:40), Odd Martin Baanrud wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I want to test Orca in KDE.
>> I’ve installed the qt-at-spi package.
>> The documentation states that a few variables need to be set, but not where they should be set.
>> In which file should they go?

Hi Tomohiro and Odd,

I would expect that when you install Orca it just works. If it doesn't
we either need to fix something, or document a lot better. Options can
be handled in debconf questions. So can you please describe in more detail:

- Why did you install qt-at-spi (I would assume all necessary
dependencies are pulled in automatically when you install orca (package
- Which documentation exactly are you referring to?
- What happens (and thus, what doesn't work as expected)?

Don't hesitate to file bugs against the package if it doesn't work.


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