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Re: problem with speech in latest debian installer dailies

am_dxer@fastmail.fm <am_dxer@fastmail.fm> (2014-02-24):
> On Sun, Feb 23, 2014, at 11:27 PM, am_dxer@fastmail.fm wrote:
> > I tried to install debian testing today using the installer images. I
> > grabbed the latest amd64 image and got no speech after I started the
> > installation with s and then enter from the boot menu.. I asked someone
> > sighted what was going on and they said that there was a bar going back
> > and forth at the bottom of the screen like something was loading. I left
> > this go for a minute or so and nothing happened. According to them, the
> > gui installer worked just fine when I selected that from the menu. I
> > also tried a weekly image and got no speech. Can anyone else reproduce
> > this?
> I have done some more testing this morning. I booted the installer with
> a braille display connected. The message showed on the braille display
> that brltty was starting and then the display went blank. As a
> troubleshooting step, I went to another terminal and killed the espeakup
> process. As soon as I returned to the installer on tty 1, braille was
> working and a message showed on the display that localization had failed
> and that I could press enter to continue which took me to the main menu.
> I didn't do an install past this point but when I selected a few menu
> items they seemed to load normally. Please let me know if there is any
> other information that I can provide that would assist with tracking
> this down.


it would be helpful to try what's available in unstable:

so that we can spot whether that's a regression over the past few days,
or whether the regression was in the uploaded debian-installer package

I seem to recall speech synthesis was OK when I uploaded the images,
which I tested on amd64. I haven't checked the dailies yet.

(It would also help to mention which exact image you're using, cdrom,
netboot, etc.)


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