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quick test daisy-player [Was: Please help with accessibility of accessibility :)]

> Could people have a look and submit bugs (or post on this list) their
> testing scenarii on this list?

I am wondering what you would do with reported bugs, rather, the wiki
could be updated as an alternative to reporting to this list. For now, I
will link relevant messages from the wiki, so here it goes for daisy-player.

[The good thing of writing this howto is that I found several bugs ;) ]

*** daisy-player ***

Preface: daisy-player was originally written to start reading CD's from
the CD-rom drive. I don't even have such a drive, so I don't use that
feature. To disable CD-rom usage I start daisy-player with input.
Additionally, I have added /dev/null as CD device in daisy-player, but I
don't think that is necessary. As I don't use CD's also the cddb option
is useless for me, so the first time I use daisy-player I start with the
-n option.

As daisy-player is a reader of DAISY books, you need some DAISY books to
start with. I recommend downloading at least one version 2.02 and one
version 3 book from http://www.daisy.org/sample-content. E.g. "A Light
Man" and "Are You Ready". The files come zipped, so you need to unzip them.

paul@wollumbin ~/daisy-player/samples $ wget
paul@wollumbin ~/daisy-player/samples $ unzip light-man.zip

daisy-player needs a console, so start it in a terminal window. You can
run daisy-player against the directory holding the files you just
unzipped. daisy-player is made for 24 lines x 80 chars, if your window
is smaller, text might appear funny.

paul@wollumbin ~/daisy-player/samples $ daisy-player -n light-man

- You should get a screen with two info lines of daisy-player and then
the content of the book.
- Pressing h should bring you the help, then pressing any key (twice)
should return you to the normal screen.
- Pressing enter should start the reading and you should be able to hear
the text.
- Pressing Cursor Down should scroll down to new sections, hitting enter
should start reading that section
- Hitting q should quite gracefully.

paul@wollumbin ~/daisy-player/samples $ wget
paul@wollumbin ~/daisy-player/samples $ unzip are-you-ready-z3986.zip
paul@wollumbin ~/daisy-player/samples $ daisy-player Are_you_ready_z3986

- You should get a screen with the content of the book. You will only
see the first 22 sections of the book, there is one more (PageDown).
- Pressing l allows you to scroll the chapters with Cursor Up/Down,
pressing l again allows you to scroll the paragraphs.
- Pressing enter should start the reading where you are and you should
be able to hear the text.
- Hitting q should quite gracefully.
- Restarting daisy-player as before should start where you were the last
time you "read" this book.

daisy-player stores it's current configuration in ~/.daisy-player.rc and
places bookmarks in ~/.daisy-player/ You might want to backup/remove
those to restore default settings. (Don't edit while daisy-player is
running or it will be overwritten.)

Lastly, testing if the translations still work is also nice:
paul@wollumbin ~/daisy-player/samples $ LANGUAGE=nl_NL daisy-player


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