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Please help with accessibility of accessibility :)


One of the issues of accessibility, as paradoxal as it may seem, is that
it's often not easily accessible to non-disabled people :) I mean: some
people are willing to help, at least to upload packages etc.  But since
they don't know how to actually test the packages, they are (rightfully)
afraid of breaking things.

To give a example, bug #725290 is about emacspeak having to upgrade from
tcl 8.4 to tcl 8.5 or 8.6.  The reporter could easily make sure that it
built fine, but he didn't know how to check that it actually *works*

And that's where users here on this list could be very helpful, without
any technical knowledge:

Could people please, for each accessibility package, provide testing

For instance, in the mbrola-fr4 package, I have added a small
README.Debian file containing essentially the following line:

mbrola /usr/share/mbrola/fr4/fr4 /usr/share/doc/mbrola-fr4/examples/hier.pho -.au | play -t .au - 

which is indeed about all one needs to do in order to check that
things are working fine in the package.  Ideally we'd have such kind
of documentation in each and every accessibility package, it is just a
matter of writing it.  For emacspeak for instance, I'm not able to help
on the bug either, because I have no idea how one works with emacspeak,
so I'd need a very small documentation which would probably tell me
which emacs commands I have to type to start emacspeak, and what I
am supposed to hear, when, and when doing what.  Another example is
https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Accessibility which documents
how one can test the accessibility of the installer, what is supposed to
be working and how.

Could people have a look and submit bugs (or post on this list) their
testing scenarii on this list?  That would really be very useful.


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