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Re: anybody here using emacspeak in Debian

>>>>> "ML" == Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> writes:

    ML> There is an alternative impelementation, but I am not sure if it
    ML> is actively maintained by its upstream still.

If you mean speechd-el then the current version is OK.  I'd say the
development activity in recent years is proportional to the activity /
number of users (i.e. near to zero).  If there are any serious users we
can discuss possible future of speechd-el.  Otherwise I don't have any
big plans, just to keep it working with new Emacs versions and possibly
submitting it to Marmalade (speechd-el was invited to become part of
ELPA, but the copyright holder refused to assign copyright to the FSF).

Nevertheless this is not directly related to Emacspeak as Emacspeak and
speechd-el are quite different in their philosophy and usage and thus
should be probably considered separately.

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