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Re: anybody here using emacspeak in Debian

Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> writes:

> I just saw that emacsspeak is up for adoption (already a long time),
> that upstream is active, that there is a much newer release than the one
> currently in Debian. I myself am no user of such software, but as I am
> contributor to debian-accessibility, I was wondering how much of you are
> using it and if we (d-a11y) should start to maintain the package. What
> are your experiences with the package? Are alternatives that are
> actively maintained better options and should we just request removal?

While I can not really step up to maintain it, I can answer your last
question.  Removal of Emacspeak is simply not acceptable.  There is an
alternative impelementation, but I am not sure if it is actively
maintained by its upstream still.  Emacspeak has its fanbase, and we
should provide (up-to-date) packages to satify them.

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