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Bug#680648: [BRLTTY] Bug#680648: brltty: A new accent problem

[quoted lines by Dave Mielke on 2012/07/08 at 08:53 -0400]

>[quoted lines by Samuel Thibault on 2012/07/07 at 16:17 -0300]
>>Where is convertTextToWchars called?  What I see in the driver in
>>readCharacters_LinuxScreen() is a call to setScreenMessage which just
>>uses strlen() and copyScreenCharacterText() without taking charset into
>The message being discussed doesn't use that mechanism.

I take that back. You're correct. The setScreenMessage() path is indeed being 
taken (I'll figure out why, later). In any event, setScreenMessage() has now 
(revision 6587) been converted to use mbrtowc(). Please test. That should've 
been done a long time ago, anyway. Hopefully, this was the last 
uninternationalized place in the code (but I'm sure it isn't).

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