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Re: Debian linux howto start in textmode

Hello Claudio,

It's somewhat off-topic, especially if you want to keep the version that
was already installed on your computer, but I would like to point you to
our ADRIANE project, which is Debian GNU/Linux preconfigured on a live
CD, DVD or flash disk installation (which can also be transferred to
harddisk as regular installation). ADRIANE starts directly into a
talking text mode menu with optional braille support via sbl,
speech-dispatcher and espeak.


You can download the speech-enabled CD version from most of the Knoppix
mirrors. It does not require an installation and runs best from a usb
flash disk, but if you like, you can install it to harddisk, too.

ADRIANE also supports starting xorg from the text menu with orca, if you
need to use OpenOffice or firefox, but just for WWW, we use the
javascript-enabled elinks browser in textmode, which is IMHO easier to
navigate and faster than firefox with orca.

-Klaus Knopper

On Wed, Nov 09, 2011 at 10:02:06AM +0100, Claudio Sacco wrote:
>    Hi around the world
>    My name is Claudio, and I just started with dibian linux. I’m blind. A
>    sighted person installed debian Linux for me. When linux starts and I
>    reach the login screen, I’m in graphic mode with Orca loaded. How can I
>    change this. I would like to have Linux start into my login screen in text
>    mode with Brltty and some speech output. For exaple Emacs speek or
>    whatever you advice me. Realize I’m very, very new to this new world, so I
>    don’t want to bother this list. You can also just send me to a well
>    comprehensif faq. I found setup instructions for Emacs speak, but nothing
>    comprehensif enoug for changing the to text mode by default.
>    Thanks a lot for clear and simple advices.
>    New enthusiast Linux user
>    Claudio

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