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Re: Debian linux howto start in textmode


To disable graphical starting, remove or disable gdm3 as shown by other.

So brltty will oun and you'll have in braille a text login prompt. To
have speech at this time, do:
# apt-get install espeakup

In /etc/modules, add:

Then you'll have the most part of the boot spoken. You can then disable
speakup and load emacspeak or speech-el.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

Le mercredi 09 novembre 2011 à 10:02 +0100, Claudio Sacco a écrit :
> Hi around the world
> My name is Claudio, and I just started with dibian linux. I’m blind. A
> sighted person installed debian Linux for me. When linux starts and I
> reach the login screen, I’m in graphic mode with Orca loaded. How can
> I change this. I would like to have Linux start into my login screen
> in text mode with Brltty and some speech output. For exaple Emacs
> speek or whatever you advice me. Realize I’m very, very new to this
> new world, so I don’t want to bother this list. You can also just send
> me to a well comprehensif faq. I found setup instructions for Emacs
> speak, but nothing comprehensif enoug for changing the to text mode by
> default.
> Thanks a lot for clear and simple advices.
> New enthusiast Linux user
> Claudio

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