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Re: RFS: eviacam


Thanks Kilian for your feedback which helped me to improve the package. I've updated and uploaded it again to the mentors site. The package appears to be lintian clean.

Updated standards version to 3.9.1

Without futher review of the actual package: Why not to 3.9.2?

I had chosen that version to make lintian (stable version) happy.

OK. Changed to 3.9.2 (and updated lintian on my box to the latest version).

- Consider putting your Debian packaging in a VCS and add the
   appropriate tags

Can you provide additional details about this?

The VCS (version control system) for the Debian packaging would be the Svn,
Git, Bzr or Hg URI pointing to where you track your Debian changes. Commonly
alioth.debian.org is a good starting point if you've nowhere else that's
already publically offering your VCS tree.

I already use git on sf.net for upstream. May be the best approach is to adopt the scheme described here [1]. Isn't it?

[1] http://documentation.debian-projects.org/other/debian-packaging-git/

- I find the clean target a little strange, why copy the config.sub and
   config.guess there?


I hope you changed that to autotools-dev use. Usually it's a sensible
default to use autotools-dev (e.g. dh --with autotools_dev) if your package
does use autotools.

Finally I've decided to adopt the newer debian/rules format (shorter) and I've added the "--with autotools_dev" option.

- Not sure, but I think quite some options in your ./configure line are
   added by the builder automatically.

Not sure also.

See /usr/share/perl5/Debian/Debhelper/Buildsystem/autoconf.pm for exact

Not a problem any more with the new debian/rules format.

Best regards,

	César Mauri

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